Testimonials-What past couples say about us

      "Yes, a planner is an investment, but, in the end, the time and stress that Pink Diamond Events saved us is worth more than any monetary value."

      “My husband and I are both very busy professionals, therefore, had we chosen to plan a wedding all by ourselves, we would have been struggling in very deep water. Pink Diamond helped ease all the stress of wedding planning by taking over all the tasks that we simply would not have had the time, energy, or knowledge to take care of. Their knowledge of the vendors in Colorado is extensive and from our experience accurate. Her ability to suggest vendors saved us time, effort, and stress about whether we made the right choice. She coordinated everything so well with our vendors and was always available if we had questions.

      Having a wedding planner is a very worth while investment and I think every couple should have one. Yes, a planner is an investment, but, in the end, the time and stress that Pink Diamond Events saved us is worth more than any monetary value.In the end, we were able to go into our wedding weekend and wedding day knowing everything was taken care of and that we could just enjoy our guests and enjoy each other and concentrate on the most important aspect of the day: the fact that we were getting married and starting our life together!” –Juliet and Steve

      As a destination bride, I was hesitant to hire Pink Diamond Events initially as they had not done a wedding at my venue before. But after speaking to their past clients I made the decision to go forward and it was the best decision I made in the entire process!"

      “There are so many options out there when it comes to your wedding vendors it’s hard to feel secure in your choice but I KNOW my wedding would not have been as wonderful without them. As a TX bride who picked a venue in Breckenridge, I was certainly hesitant to hire Casey and Pink Diamond Events initially as they had not done a wedding at my venue (Ten Mile Station) before. I really struggled with that, but after speaking to her and brides whom had been her clients I made the decision to go forward and other than marrying my best friend I swear to you it was the best decision I made in the entire process. They made independent efforts to familiarize herself with the venue and I think it actually motivated her that much more (as opposed to someone who might have been bored with being there a thousand times).  They truly made the day effortless and you would have sworn she was the venue coordinator herself with how seamless her planning services were at a venue that was newer to her.  I had the best day of my life, truly, no cliche intended, and I KNOW it had to do with Casey and Pink Diamond Events being a part of it. Do NOT hesitate. They will go above and beyond to make your dream come to life.”- Abby & Eric

      "I absolutely recommend them above all others! - Book Them Now!"

      “We worked with Pink Diamond Events for our August wedding in Estes Park while living in New York City. We could not have had a better experience. Our planner guided us every step of the way, provided rock solid guidance and expertise, made sure we stayed on track with our plans, and did it all with a fun, easygoing demeanor. She also listened to us and took the time to get to know us and understand who we were and what our vision was. We never felt stressed or overwhelmed – the whole experience was seamless and easy. They have a wealth of experience and helped us plan every detail so that we could have the beautiful day we hoped for. We can not recommend them enough!” –Amy & Gennady

      "We live in Hawaii and Pink Diamond helped us plan the perfect destination wedding in Estes Park, CO. They have a wealth of connections to vendors that they works with on a regular basis in the mountain area!"

      “We started planning about 18 months in advance, and they were with us from day one. First and foremost, hiring Pink Diamond was hands down the best investment decision we made throughout the entire planning process! We happened to use almost all vendors that they had worked with before, but there was no pressure to choose their preferred vendors. They readily and thoroughly researched other options if requested. My husband and I are both very busy residents in Hawaii, often working 80 hours per week. They were so patient, even if it took me days at a time to respond to a simple question. She did a great job prioritizing my tasks and was great about nicely letting me know when I needed to respond quickly. Most importantly, they were able to take our very general vision for the day and make executive decisions on small details that we didn’t have the time to worry about. My husband’s family also employed Pink Diamond to plan our rehearsal dinner for 100+ guests, which was executed equally as flawlessly. She uses a website to create and follow a budget, collect all contracts, create to-do lists, guest lists and a create seating chart, which proved incredibly useful. From one “type A to-do list lover that’s just too busy to do it all alone” to another, I would absolutely recommend Pink Diamond for any event planning. Their design sense, business skills and coordination are unbeatable!”- Toni & Jake

      "My husband and I live in San Francisco, so it was very important to us find someone we trust and is well connected in the Colorado bridal industry. I could tell by our first conversation that Pink Diamond Events would do an amazing job!"

      “First off, it’s been less than two weeks and I already miss having Casey in my life! The Pink Diamond Events team did a phenomenal job planning my wedding this past July 4th weekend. They asked meaningful questions and was able to address all of my concerns. From start to finish, the Pink Diamond Event crew was professional, recommended quality vendors and even provided various options to achieve our romantic yet elegant wedding theme we had asked for. All the time and energy the crew put in really paid off on the day of. I didn’t have to address any questions or supervise anyone. I literally woke up and had the best day of my life! I couldn’t have asked for our wedding day to come out any better!”- Jen & John

      "We will forever sing their praises and recommend them for any wedding! Pink Diamond ladies are amazing and we definitely would not have had the beautiful wedding we had without their hard work, organization, creativity, and love for the industry!"

      “My husband & I live in Chicago and Pink Diamond was listed as a Preferred Vendor for our ‘out of the box’ venue – Piney River Ranch. It is stunning but has it’s challenges when it comes to transportation. THANK GOODNESS we were able to work with Megan from Pink Diamond- she made it seem like we were just minutes apart let alone states away during the planning process. We started planning our wedding about a year in advance and man did it fly by! Working with Megan was so easy and we loved receiving emails/calls/ or texts from her because we knew something had been checked off the To Do list or she has some great ideas about our big day! Megan not only got all of our vendors on the same page, they all loved working with each other. We are so blessed to have had the amazing support team around us during the planning process and our big day! To this day, if something went off of schedule…I don’t know about it! We trusted Megan fully to make any decisions needed for the big day. She brought another woman, Becky, for the wedding day and she was so great as well! We couldn’t wait to introduce our friends and family to her because we truly felt like she had become a great friend in the process!– Emily & Brian

      " Pink Diamond Events was worth every penny!!!"

      “We did the partial planning package and were extremely impressed. Our planner met with us throughout the planning process on a regular basis. She was responsive to telephone calls and email. We could not imagine planning a wedding without her. She kept us organized and made sure we had everything we needed. She coordinated with all of the vendors leading up to the wedding and ran the rehearsal–something we knew nothing about! Additionally, and most importantly, she took care of EVERYTHING the day of the wedding. She made sure everything was decorated exactly how we envisioned and that things ran smoothly. The wedding went off without a hitch and everything was perfect! Unlike others in the wedding industry, they really seems to love what they do and it shows through their work. We were so happy to work with her. She kept us calm and on budget throughout the process. They are extremely professional and makes the wedding planning process fun! We would highly recommend Pink Diamond Events to any couple planning their wedding! Seriously, hire them, NOW!”- Eva and Kevin

      "Having a planner like Pink Diamond Events should be the first line on the wedding budget for a smooth wedding that parents and the couple can enjoy!"

      “Pink Diamond Events is the best thing we did for our daughter’s YMCA of the Rockies wedding in Estes Park, CO. My daughter was a senior nursing student at Ohio State during the months prior to the wedding. I was trying to research things myself to reduce the stress on her. NOW I WAS STRESSED! I finally told my husband I don’t care what it costs we were hiring a wedding planner. Estes Park area wedding planners never returned my emails or phone calls. When I finally branched out my search areas, Pink Diamond Events from Ft. Collins returned my call and that was the happiest call I’ve had for a while. We had them do partial planning services and day of the wedding. We gave her our budget and she gave us vendors names that would fit into our budget guidelines. I was so happy every vendor she recommended. She reviewed contracts prior to signing. She was amazing, so organized and professional! She thought of so many things we may have overlooked. She never made us feel cheap or bad if we decided against something we didn’t want to do. Having a planner like our planner should be the first line on the wedding budget for a smooth wedding that parents and the bridal couple can enjoy. The other vendors LOVED working with her. Many told me that their experiences with other planners has not always gone well. They all wanted other opportunities to work with them!!! She became a friend!!”- Sandi (Mother of the Bride)

      “When Sandi and I Found out from our daughter that her wedding was going to be in Colorado, we knew we had a decision to make. Sandi was going to be the main planner, with our daughter finishing college, but she was going to need some help. Pink Diamond Events was our answer! What a great decision!! Our planner communicated throughout with emails, phone calls during the 6 months prior to the wedding. Her suggestions for the vendors were spot on! When we met with her 3 days before the wedding, we were convinced the wedding was in good hands. Her personality fit well with her job. Everything was left in her charge and we could relax and enjoy the moment! I am VERY HAPPY TO RECOMMEND PINK DIAMOND EVENTS AS A WEDDING OR EVENT PLANNER. ANY PARENT WHO HIRES HER WILL BELIEVE ME -BE VERY HAPPY WITH THEIR CHOICE!”- Bill (Father of the Bride)


      "Have them plan your big day, you will not be sorry. They really are the best!!!"

      “We used Pink Diamond Events for our daughter and son-in-law wedding. Our planner worked with us over a year in advance in getting the vendors, organizing our ideas, and keeping us on track for the timeline. We have NEVER had any regrets. From the beginning, we knew it was the right thing to do. We had multiple questions, and they were often answered within minutes by her, or if she could not answer them immediately, she was instantly searching for the answers!! If we could give her 10 stars, we would. While planning a wedding is stressful, with her, all things were covered, organized, and absolutely wonderful. The day arrived, and we were encouraged by her to enjoy our guests on the day, that she would take care of the details, and that is exactly what she did. She exceeded our expectations. We have only one daughter, so it was important to us that the wedding day go flawlessly. She delivered that to us!! I would not hesitate to recommend Pink Diamond Events to anyone and everyone who is planning a wedding. She is calm, kind and organized. Have her plan your big day, you will not be sorry. She really is the best!!!”- Lynette (Mother of the bride)

      "They were an asset to our wedding and helped make it our perfect day!"

      My (new!) husband & I are from Texas. I had been to Estes Park all of one time when I booked a date and a venue. A few weeks into trying to find vendors online (that looked remotely like what I wanted) I happened upon Pink Diamond Events & from that moment on it was all a breeze. They sent me a short list of vendors to check out, and then the only challenge was picking one out of two or three amazing choices. They immediately understood my (incredibly unarticulated) “vision”. They were timely, followed up without pestering, and never faltered. All of this, and not to mention we planned this wedding in about 5 months. We made one more planning trip to Estes, and they spent an entire day with us running around to meet and greet vendors, muddle our way through decisions and to eat cake (the highlight). A few weeks before we were to leave for Colorado our lives went a little sideways…imagine trying to close on two properties the night before you leave town, having a small medical issue, the post office losing checks, etc. This is when Super Casey started to appear! She took on all things wedding so we could just ‘deal’ with the rest of life. The day of the wedding was perfect. It was everything I envisioned, and I only wish the night had gone on and on . They saved the day when no one else was able to get my dress corseted up, and I got mud all over myself before the ceremony. They are kind, genuine, and have it together. They were an asset to our wedding and helped make it our perfect day.”- Joette and Justin

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