A Couple’s Interview with Pink Diamond Events

      Hi, this is Casey and the Pink Diamond Events Team!  I’d love to answer your questions.  If you read below, you’ll see an interview we did with another couple and it answers a lot of questions that couples like you probably already have.

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      “Don’t think twice when booking Pink Diamond! I was reluctant to get a wedding planner, but they were ultimately invaluable. Take it from a converted groom, book Pink Diamond Events!”Mark, Private Residence, Estes Park, CO

      I love weddings, plain and simple!

      But it wasn’t until after graduating college, I landed a job with a top wedding planner in Orange County, California. It was working with her that I learned the importance of details, being organized and working with different types of vendors on all different types of weddings! I was lucky enough to help with weddings at some of the most prestigious wedding venues in Southern California.

      After returning to Colorado, I completed my event planning certification from a local college and also received my Association of Wedding Consultants Professional Wedding Planner certification. Before starting Pink Diamond Events, I have worked as the wedding coordinator for a catering company in Vail, in the catering department of hotels, and as the full service wedding planner for an independent wedding planning company.

      All my experience has led me to my true love of planning weddings. I truly connect with couples especially because I did not have my own dream wedding. I had the knowledge, but second guessed ever decision throughout the process and was too stressed out on my wedding day to actually get to enjoy the day for what it was meant to be, the start of my husband’s and I’s new life together. Providing a stress-free wedding experience allow my couples to focus on their love for one another. How awesome is that?

      "Casey has high standards for herself and the service her company provides! It is clear she and her staff love what they do!"- Ryan (Groom) San Sophia Overlook & Peaks Resort, Telluride, CO
      Pink Diamond Events full-service Wedding Planning Company, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, serving surrounding Northern Colorado areas including the mountain communities of Estes Park, Vail, Steamboat and Winter Park. We have been serving this area for several years, so you can count on us to be a trusted and reliable resource to your wedding planning

      We will match vendors to your wedding planning needs, loves and personality. Hiring our company also means not having to do an exhausting search online for the right people to match your needs. It’s my top priority in always take time and sincere thought in matching you to each and every vendor who complements your dream wedding needs.

      Another problem couples are realizing is that it’s so easy these days for just about anyone to buy a website, put up some pictures, and clam they are a “wedding planner”. It’s getting very difficult to sort through the choices and find a planner who can bring experience and knowledge to your wedding. Picking a planner who has a lot of experience and knowledge is really important.

      "Pink Diamond Events has a plethora of knowledge and connections with vendors in the area that fit our wedding theme and budget"- Arista (Bride) Private Residence, Cheyenne Wyoming
      I’ve read that it takes the average couple several hundred hours to plan their wedding, in some cases, up to 400 hours. That’s TEN 40-hour work weeks. Yikes! That’s kind of ridiculous, and who has time for that? How can you possibly have a life or be able to focus on anything else? But it’s not only about that. I’ve had so many clients tell me how much they’ve saved in time, money, energy and stress working with us.

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      "When I first started planning my wedding, I spent hours doing research and figuring out all of the things that needed to be done. I soon realized that planning a wedding was eating into too much of our time and I was going to go crazy! Finally when we hired Pink Diamond and they got to work, we had wished we had hired them sooner!"- Kara (Bride), Park Hyatt, Beaver Creek, CO
      You will benefit best from working with me if you want your dream wedding, but you either don’t have the time, the resources or the know-how to get this done. If you know what you want, but have no idea how to get there, or if you are not clear at all about how to plan the wedding of your dreams, that’s okay. You are a perfect candidate.

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      No, of course not. A bad wedding planner is one who takes control away from you. We take your needs & wants and help you build your dream wedding by showing you options to help you make your final decisions.

      You will never, ever lose control. It is YOUR day. Period.

      If your wedding is going to be unusual and outside of the box, please don’t hesitate to ask her. They are open, caring, and willing to make sure you see Your Dreams Come True!- Lora, Sylvan Dale Ranch, Loveland, CO
      Yes, we work for our couples & work with the other wedding pros… So everyone is successful on the wedding day.

      "We happened to use almost all vendors that Pink Diamond had worked with before, but there was no pressure to choose their preferred vendors. They readily and thoroughly researched other options if requested."- Toni (Bride), Black Canyon Inn, Estes Park, CO

      "One of the vendors even commented to me that it was the best planned and least stressful wedding they had ever been involved with!"- LeAnn (Mother of Bride), Dunffon Castle, Morrison, CO
      Yes. All of our packages are broken down to a payment plan that is easily manageable though out your wedding planning process. We want to make sure you expectations are met through the entire process, so we never would expect full payment up front!

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      Yes. We have liability insurance and this is one aspect that sets up apart from the fly by night wedding planners!
      We have several lead planners, but we will only book 2 weddings per weekend. Each lead planner will only take 1 wedding per weekend.

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      Yes, absolutely! Our brides, grooms and their families have become raving fans of our wedding planning services and love to speak to other potential brides about their experience with Pink Diamond Events.

      "After speaking to her and brides whom had been her past clients I made the decision to go forward and I swear to you it was the best decision I made in the entire process!"- Abby (Bride) Ten Mile Station, Breckenridge, CO
      Great! Call, Email or fill out our contact formto fill out our consultation form. We’ll be in touch to schedule your complimentary consultation. I want to hear about your vision for your dream wedding day, what you’d love to see your day be like, what you have been struggling with and how we can help make your wedding planning stress-free!