Writing wedding vows is a lot of work. It’s a mixture of public speaking, poetry, and pouring your heart out all in one speech. However, writing out your promises and reading them in front of all of your loved ones is often a memorable and extremely emotional experience for everyone. So are you up for the challenge? Here are some tips to get you started.

      Tip #1: Start Early

      Do not, I repeat, do NOT leave writing your vows to the week before your wedding! You will be excited, full of nerves, and extremely busy so it is best to write your vows when you are level-headed. You are trying to write a speech that is sentimental and this should be done in a relaxed state of mind. If you start at least a month in advance, you will have time to outline what you want to say and get a few drafts together to make it absolutely perfect.

      Tip #2: Set a Tone

      Do you want your vows to be romantic and poetic? How about sweet with light humor? Throughout your writing, make sure whatever tone you choose is consistent throughout. Most of all, be true to your own personality. You do not want to sound forced so go with a tone that is natural to you. Another piece of advice is although you may want your vows to be lighthearted, try to keep a level of seriousness to the commitment you are about to make. Everyone loves a great laugh, but remember this is your wedding, not stand-up comedy hour.

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      Tip #3: Ask Yourself Questions

      Answering questions about your relationship can really help get those creative wheels turning. Think back to the first time you met. What were you thinking? When did you realize you were in love? What are your favorite qualities about your partner? How has your lives changed since meeting one another? You will be surprised how simple questions can lead you to perfect words for your vows!

      Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Audience

      We want you to be personal – but don’t embarrass anyone in the process! Telling funny stories about your fiancee may sound like a good idea, but be sure it won’t make anyone in the audience feel uncomfortable. This also means keeping inside jokes to a minimum. You wrote these vows to profess your love in front of friends and family so make sure everyone feels a part of that moment.

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      Tip #5: Practice Makes Perfect

      I know it sounds obvious, but these words will be read in front of a live audience so make should they sound good when spoken. Some things may sound great when written on paper but come out awkwardly when reading them aloud. Try reading them to a close friend or family member – they may have some excellent tips for you! Finally, practice in front of a mirror. This is a public speaking trick that will make you feel more comfortable and prepared in front of an audience.

      Keeping these simple tips in mind, go out there and write some vows that are comfortable and true to your relationship. Everyone loves personal vows at weddings and yours will be no exception. Finally, decide whether you want to memorize your vows or write them on note cards. Just make sure to give a copy to them to a bridesmaid in case you forget yours in all of the wonderful wedding day chaos. Happy writing!