The lighting at your event can dramatically shape the experience for both you and the guests. Lighting creates an atmosphere that can be used to accentuate your other decor. Great wedding lighting can also be sure to get you some great photos of your big day! Lighting can make or break your event so make sure that it does not get overlooked! Mood lighting can be used on virtually any budget and will create enchanting backdrops, warmth, and ambiance for your wedding.

      Battery Powered Lights

      Need lighting in hard to reach areas? Battery powered lights are the way to go. Try using these under tables or in archways. The best part is you will not have to worry about those pesky cords running all over the place! There are also small battery powered balls of light available called Fairy Berries. These spherical lights can be placed virtually anywhere and look especially great in dark outdoor reception areas.

      Under Table Lighting

      Fairy Berries Battery Lighting

      String Lights & Fabric

      String lights are a fantastic and cheap way to add flattering lighting to your wedding. Cover the string lights in fabric to mask the hardware and create a soft, romantic light.

      Wedding Aisle Lighting

      String Lights and Fabric Backdrop

      Suspended Illumination

      Outdoor weddings are especially perfect for suspended illumination. Hang paper or metal lanterns, string lights, or even candles above your guests. Canopies of lights and fabric, as shown below, will bring elegance to any formal wedding.

      String Lights and Fabric

      Suspended Wedding Lighting

      Floor Lighting

      Create a pathway to your wedding in lights! This can be done with lanterns of all types. If having an outdoor wedding, you can also construct lovely designs out of lights in the grass or sand. These designs will make a statement to your guests and bring warmth to your wedding reception.

      Wedding Aisle Lanterns

      Unique Wedding Lighting

      Floating Lights

      Floating lights are perfect for weddings or receptions near a pool or enclosed water. Float lanterns in a pool or pond for a terrific display of lights reflected in the water. This is a unique way to incorporate more mood lighting into your event.

      Floating Wedding Lanterns

      Floating Lanterns

      DIY Lights

      For you do-it-yourself brides, take a look at these light columns you can make for your wedding. These columns will be sure to make a statement. First, get a 6 foot tall bamboo stick or dowel and stick it in the ground. Then, secure string lights around the pole with masking tape. Finally, stack paper lanterns over the stick – easy!

      DIY Light Columns