It can be lots of fun to be pampered and dolled up on your big day and picking a wedding hairstyle is a big part of this! One pointer for picking the perfect hairdo is stay true to your own style. I know how easy it is to get wrapped up in the latest trends and the extravagant pictures you see, but go for a hairstyle that looks natural on you and shows your personality. You want to feel like yourself during wedding and not a pageant girl – so keep it simple. Another pointer is keep in mind your hair length and what will look best on short, medium, and long hair. Luckily for you, we have some tips for each hair length to aid you in your search for the best hairstyle for your wedding!

      Short Hair

      There are tons of elegant hairstyles for brides with short hair. Maybe you don’t have time to grow out your hair before your wedding or maybe you just love your adorable pixie cut! No matter what the reason is, the options are endless. One great option for short-haired brides is to create a faux up-do. This is done by pulling your hair back and hiding the ends with bobby pins. Add flowers or a decorative hair piece to complete the look. If you are wearing a veil during your wedding ceremony, go for simple hair accessories or none at all, since they will be hidden under your veil. Headbands  and vintage hairpins always look fantastic on brides with shorter hair. As far as hair color goes, highlighting can go a long way for your bridal look. Subtle highlights brighten your complexion and give you that bridal glow.

      Short Wedding Hair

      Short Wedding Hair

      Medium-Length Hair

      It’s important to remember that your hair should not outshine your dress. Your elegant wedding hairstyle should actually complement your dress and complete your look. Also, keep in mind that you will have your hair in the same style all day, so it should be comfortable and not tugging at your scalp for the whole day! Medium-length hairstyles should look soft and simple, perhaps with face framing layers for added softness. Maybe you don’t want to color your hair before your big day, but consider getting a clear gloss treatment on your locks to get a nice sleek shine. Medium-length hair looks fantastic in both up-dos and relaxed waves.

      Medium Wedding Hairstyle

      Medium Wedding Hair

      Long Hair

      Do you have luxurious long locks? Lucky you! You will never lack wedding hairstyles to choose from. Although you have a range of options, make sure to keep your face shape in mind. For instance, slicked back hair works best on women with one-length or long-layered hair, but can look too severe on women with strong square facial features. If you have medium or thick hair, cascading curls will look fantastic with your long hair. You can achieve this with a half up-do or just let your curls go wild! Long hair will also look great in an elaborate chignon bun. Keep in mind that if you have very heavy hair, it can become a big headache and hard to hold in a bun all day. Most importantly: discuss all of your concerns with your hairdresser in order to come up with the most functional and flattering option for your hair.

      Long Wedding Hairstyle

      Wedding Hairstyle

      Wedding Hairstyle