In order to look your best on your wedding day, narrow down your search with wedding dresses for your body type. Choosing a gown that accentuates your specific body will ensure that your dress will look flattering and gorgeous on your big day.

      Hourglass Figure

      Most gowns that show the curve at your waist will look best. Consider wearing a fitted bodice or corseted dress to show off your hourglass waist. Sashes tied at the waist and A-line gowns that shrink the hips will also look fantastic on hourglass figures. These dresses will ensure that your hourglass figure will look fantastic on your wedding day.

      Hourglass Wedding Dress


      For women with pear-shaped bodies, A-line dresses with well-constructed bodices will look best on your body type. This will highlight your top half and draw attention away from your hips. Choose fabrics such as taffeta that will not cling to your body, but instead flow down from your natural waist. V-necklines and spaghetti strap bodices will accentuate a more slender upper body.


      Larger Bust

      Consider wearing a gown that has a sweetheart, off the shoulder, or strapless neckline, as these will look the most flattering on fuller busts. Avoid wearing a straight-across neckline as this will make your bust appear bigger and more shelf-like. Also, try balancing out your chest with a full skirt which will draw the eyes away from your bust.

      Wedding Dress for Larger Busts

      Smaller Bust

      Do not rely on your bra to do all of the lifting work – choose a dress that will add some extra padding to your upper body. Opt for a gown with a ruched bodice for smaller-chested brides. This will make your chest appear fuller and give you the illusion of having more curves. Also try lightly padded halter style dresses for more of a lift up top!

      Wedding Dress for Small Busts


      Simple, slender dresses look best on taller brides. Every aspect of the dress should reflect your longer proportions: from the lower waistline to the floor-sweeping hem. Go for simple dresses with not so many embellishments to avoid looking cutesy. Show off your long and lean body with a long and lean dress!

      Tall Wedding Dress


      If you want to look taller and more lean but have a petite figure, stay away from ballgowns and go for silhouette skimming dresses. Look for a gown with a waistline above your natural waist which will provide the illusion of longer legs. Any detailing on the dress should be small and limited to only the bodice to draw the eye upward. Stick to dresses that will elongate your body and not shrink it.

      Petite Wedding Dress


      For brides with limited curves, the goal is the create the illusion of curves with your dress! The key to doing this is using flared skirts, diagonal draping, and plunging necklines. A gown that cinches at the waist and descends into a full, flowing skirt will show off your slender body. Narrow your dress options down to ones that will create the illusion of curves for the most flattering look for your body.