Roses have always been a classic, but for brides that want something different, adding unexpected elements to your bouquet or centerpieces can really make your wedding stand out. Unique flower arrangements that include exotic, unexpected, or even unusual items will be sure to keep guests talking for years to come.

      Fruits and Veggies

      Kale is one of the most popular diet foods right now, but who knew it would look good in a flower bouquet? Kale looks fantastic with green color schemes and it adds a textured, full look to arrangements. There are many different shades and leaf styles for kale which make it a versatile product. Similarly, artichokes can be used in centerpieces for an earthy, choppy texture.

      Fern Bouquet

      Have more of a sweet tooth? Try adding lemons or grapes to your flower arrangements for vibrant color. Lemons can be added to a clear vase with long-stemmed flowers on top for a summer wedding. And just a fun fact: lemon juice actually prolongs the life of cut flowers.

      Grape Flower Arrangement


      One of my personal favorites: succulents! These plants give any flower arrangement an artsy, different feel that really stands out. Add them to your bouquet, centerpieces, or even hand them out as party favors! They also come in a variety of shapes and colors. Most people think of succulents being shades of green, however they also have lovely pastels or even orange colors available. Succulents are versatile plants that can be integrated into a formal, informal, or rustic event!

      Succulent Party Favors

      Another great idea for a centerpiece is to spray paint a branch or “mini tree” for a centerpiece. Paint it gold for a classy, yet rustic feel and dangle small flowers off the branches. Brides have even been successful hanging small candles or tiny glass ornaments on these. Whether you keep the branches bare or hang items on them, make sure you keep your theme in mind and it will be sure to look beautiful.

      Branch Centerpiece

      Have you ever heard of button mums? These fun little flowers are awesome for putting in a circular pomander styles for accent pieces. They will liven up neutral flower arrangements and work as great eye catchers. Remember that these flowers have a strong presence so a little goes a long way!

      Button Mums

      The Aisle

      Scattering rose petals down the aisle is a very popular tradition so dare to be different and try arranging the petals in a pattern. A swirl pattern of petals going down the aisle is a beautiful touch to your ceremony. Just make sure to block off the aisle from guests so that the design is not ruined before the procession begins!

      Swirled Wedding Aisle