Mix and match dresses for your bridesmaids are a fantastic way to show off your creativity while also making your leading ladies happy! I think we can all remember a time where someone was forced to wear a not-so-flattering dress to a wedding so this is a great option to make sure everyone looks great. Your bridesmaids could choose the style or color that best suits their body to make them look (and feel) confident and beautiful. But also keep in mind that although you may be wearing different dresses, you still want to look like a team – so take a look at some of our tips for mismatched bridesmaid dresses!

      Rule No. 1: Do not leave everything up to your bridesmaids

      Although they may have fantastic style, avoid sending your bridesmaids dress-shopping alone without any boundaries. Your bridesmaids may end up picking out something that looks great on them, but does not fit in with the group. To avoid this, give them some details or rules they should follow while shopping. For example, tell them to pick out dresses in different styles but with the same color and designer. Or they could choose different shades of the same style – whatever sounds the best to you! Try to be specific when describing what you want and even show them pictures. If you are vague with them, you could have a dress disaster on your hands. You could be envisioning emerald green dresses while your bridesmaids are picturing olive green. Your bridesmaids are there to make things easier on you – so help them help you!

      Mismatched Bridesmaids



      One way to get the mismatched look is to vary the color of the dresses. Some brides have opted for different shades of the same color while others have done completely varying colors. If you are worried about your bridesmaids choosing a different shade than you have envisioned, give them a list of colors to choose from.

      Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses


      Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses



      You definitely do not want one of your bridesmaids wearing stiff fabric while the others are wearing soft, lace fabric. This is why it is helpful to either specify which fabric they need to stick to or pick a specific designer for all the dresses. Neither you nor your bridesmaids want to be sticking out like a sore thumb so be sure that all the fabrics look great together.

      Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses



      Another way to make sure all of the dresses tie in together is to specify a style of dress. This could mean that everyone needs to have a sweetheart neckline or that they need to pick the same dress length. This way, everyone will look balanced while still looking unique.

      Mismatched Necklines



      Accessories are a great way to tie in all of your mismatched dresses! Why not have everyone wear the same necklace or shoes to look like a cohesive group?

      Mismatched Bridesmaid Shoes


      Not a fan of mismatched dresses but you like the idea of bridesmaids adding their own flair to their outfits? Have the accessoriesĀ beĀ the mismatched item! Vary the styles or colors of shoes instead of the dresses. You could also have each bridesmaid wear different colored necklaces and earrings with a neutral dress. Just make sure that at least one aspect ties everyone together so you look like a true bridal team.

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