Some people feel very strongly that kids should not be invited to their wedding. Thoughts of a baby starting to scream during the vows or a toddler spilling a cup of juice on  your wedding dress can give even the most kid-friendly bride-to-be anxiety and lead to crossing all children off the wedding guest list.MJ_156a

      On the other hand, inviting kids can definitely up the cuteness factor of your wedding. I was on Team MJ_157aMJ_158loresCuteness. I was excited about all of the cute picture potential our photographer would capture from the kids who were attending. But before my wedding, I didn’t anticipate the cute interactions we would have with some of our younger guests and how special they would make the day feel. Apparently kids find wedding magical. And seeing our wedding through their eyes added to the feeling of wedding day bliss.

      My dad’s coworker’s four-year-old twin girls had never been to a wedding before and really thought that I was a Disney princess. Every time I saw them they were twirling in their party dresses looking up at me with wide eyes and goofy grins. They asked if they could take their picture
      with me and for a second I really felt like Cinderella posing for a picture at Disneyland — I thought that they were going to ask for my autograph next. When I saw them a few months later, they asked me why I wasn’t wearing my wedding dress and told me that they had so much fun at my wedding.

      A colleague of husband’s seven-year-old son was also a first-time wedding guest. When we stopped by their table during dinner to chat, she told me that he had a little crush on me and wanted to talk to me but was too scared. Throughout the night, he would run up to me and say “Hi,” and then run away. Finally he worked his way up to, “Hi, my name is Jacob.” I said, “I know. That’s my husband’s name too,” before he ran off.  Later in the night, Little Jacob found himself in middle of the crowd gathered for the garter toss. And guess who caught it? My sister who had just caught to bouquet, ran over and picked him up and threw him up into the air in victory. I saw his mom last week and she said that he still has the garter and shows it to everyone who comes over to their house.

      I’m pretty sure that there was a baby crying at some point during our wedding ceremony and there were probably a few meltdowns that I didn’t even notice, but none of these things distracted from our wedding day. All of the kids made me feel like a beautiful bride and that we had succeeded in creating a magical wedding day.

      Megan McDaniel is a recent Pink Diamond bride. Each month in her guest posts, she shares a few tips that she picked up while planning her wedding.