Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than leaving a wedding feeling hungry. Don’t be the couple that sends your guests home without a late night snack! Late night wedding snacks don’t have to be expensive and fancy, and guests go crazy over them after a long night of dancing. Here are five simple and cheap wedding favors that are sure to please everyone.

      1. Popcorn



      Popcorn is probably the cheapest and most popular snack for a late night wedding. It is easy to buy (or make) in bulk and it costs almost nothing! You can serve classic popcorn, or different favors such as kettle corn, caramel corn, or cheddar corn. If you want to go all out, set up a popcorn bar including different flavors as well as “add ins” like chocolate candies! For an extra way to save, print off unique to go bags and your guests can take popcorn home as their wedding favor.

      2. Milk and Cookies


      milk and cookies



      Milk and cookies are always a crowd pleaser! To save money, have a friend or family member bake the cookies instead of a caterer or store bought. Also, only serve shooters of milk, to save on dairy costs. Although it’s not extremely filling, guests will love a late night cookie and some milk to go with it!

      3. French Fries

      french fries



      Not only are french fries easy to make, they are cheap when you buy them in bulk! French fries are a snack that people of all ages can enjoy and they don’t need to be served in large quantities to be satisfying. DIY paper cones can add a little bit of extra flare to your big day as well as hold the perfect amount of fries. Mini hamburgers are a popular pairing with french fries if you feel like feeding your guests a little more. This is another late night snack that can be done with the help of a friend of family member easily.

      4. Donuts




      For guests with a sweet tooth, donuts are the perfect late night snack! They can be served in almost any flavor so its hard to go wrong. For bonus points, serve donuts, or donut holes, with coffee and hot chocolate for a late night pick-me-up! Get creative and make a donut cake tower or fun new flavor combinations.

      5. Cereal Bar

      cereal bar

      Although dairy can be quite expensive, cereal can be purchased wholesale for a very reasonable price. This late night snack option allows your guests to eat as much as the would like. It also allows for different flavors of cereal. By serving 3 or 4 different cereals, you can be sure that your guests will be more than happy with this late night snack!


      Whether you want a sweet treat or a salty classic to snack on during your reception, there is no need to stress about spending tons of money on a late night snack! These five options are cheap, and are sure to please any late night crowd.