Many couples find themselves torn between taking engagement photos, or skipping them all together. For most couples, taking engagement pictures is their first opportunity to have profession pictures taken together. This alone can make the session worth while, but there are also several other reasons why you may want to rethink skipping out on an engagement photography session.


      In most cases, the photographer doing the engagement shoot will also be photographing the wedding. This means that an engagement session is a great opportunity for a photographer to get to know the couple before taking their wedding pictures. This first session can help the photographer see how the couple interacts with each other and get to know their personalities. It’s also a great way for couples to tell the photographer angles and styles they like and dislike before the wedding day.

      Taking engagement pictures is the best opportunity for the bride to practice day of make up. This will be beneficial in getting to know the make up artist and hairstylist for the wedding day as well.


      The biggest benefit to taking engagement pictures is that they are professionally taken pictures of the couple. These pictures make great gifts for parents and grandparents, and are great to go in your new home together! Engagement pictures are also commonly used on save-the-date announcements, invitations, newspaper wedding announcements, the wedding program, and other special touches for the big day. Scheduling an engagement photo session may seem like a nightmare, but it will have so many benefits, you won’t regret it!