Planning a wedding is stressful – but who knew that your Smartphone could make it easier on you? There are countless apps out there that do just that! From pre to post-wedding, these apps will help keep you organized and sane during your planning. Here are the 5 best wedding apps that I came across.

      1. The Wedding Dress Look Book

      Wedding Lookbook App

      This app is great for brides that are searching for their perfect wedding dress. It allows you to search for the hottest new dresses and then makes a list of dress salons that carry them. Favorite the dresses for later viewing and search by style, shape, or price. You can even zoom in on the dresses to see them in detail! The best part is that you can input your body shape, bra size, height, personality, and more to tailor the search results just for you. And guess what? This app is free!

       2. Wedding Happy

      WeddingHappy App

      Wedding Happy first asks you what your anticipated wedding date is and then creates a customized checklist with due dates. You can search for wedding professionals and contact them directly through the app. If you need some help completing your checklist, you can send it directly to friends or family to help you finish it. This is especially helpful if you hire a wedding planner later on. You can simply send them what you have completed and save lots of time! This app is also free.

      3. Wedding Party

      Wedding Party App

      BERTA Bridal Fall 2018 Collection

      This is pretty much the coolest idea for an app ever. Basically, you tell your guests to download the app and then they upload pictures to it during the ceremony and reception. You will get tons of photos through the eyes of your guests and they can even leave comments on them for you. You can also use the app to update guests before the big day about wedding news and upcoming events. To invite friends to use the app, just shoot them an email and they will be all set! This app is not only for iPhones – you can use it on any device with internet connection and it’s free!

      4. Mint

      Mint App

      Finances might not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to your wedding, but do not underestimate their importance! This app will help keep you right on budget and can even be used to track finances after the wedding as well. It is a secure app where you input your bank, credit, loan, and retirement accounts and it automatically categorizes them. They can also send you a text or email when you have an outstanding bill to pay. This free app will keep you right within your budget for your big day!

      5. TripIt


      This app will help you plan nearly every aspect of your honeymoon. Once you book all of your travel arrangements, simply forward your hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmation emails to It will put all of your travel plans in one place and you can even access it offline. It also offers directions, maps, and weather for each destination. This free trip manager is a must-have on all honeymoons and was rated one of the 6 Best Smartphone Apps for 2013 on the Today Show. After your trip is all planned out, you can even post it to Facebook or email it to share with friends.