With 2015 coming up, it’s a great time to start looking ahead to next summer and explore some of the trends we see happening. From the direction 2015 is headed, we think it’s going to be a great year to get married!

      Laser Cut Invitations

      In 2015 laser cut invitations will definitely become more prevalent. As we slowly shift away from the extremely rustic weddings to more simple yet elegant wedding design, laser cute invitations are definitely the statement piece to convey this to your guests. With the array of designs and intricacies available, these invitations set the tone of a wedding with all the details perfect though of!  They are great for Save the Dates too!  Check out Wedding Paper Divas for some great Save the Date ideas!

      Wedding Paper Divas
      Wedding Paper Divas
      colorado wedding invitations
      Wedding Paper Divas

      Floral patterns

      Floral pattern is a trend that we saw peak its head in 2014 but will be bigger this year. With the New York bridal fashion week wrapping up last month, it was evident that floral patterns will be prevalent in many different designers wedding dress. We love this trend, but it is easy to over-do. So instead of filling a room with floral print linens, think of adding pops of floral print accents to incorporate this trend to create and elegant and sophisticated look.

      Floral wedding Dress
      Elizabeth Filmore
      Floral Pattern Napkins
      House of Yonder

      Gold and blush

      Gold was a big trend in 2014 and it will continue to be even bigger in 2015! Speaking from experience, we have several brides next year that are incorporating gold into their design! Pairing gold and blush is a beautiful way to create and elegant look while still having a fun feel. Gold and blush work in all different types of settings, which is probably why it is so popular! From an opulent ballroom wedding to a simple farm wedding with some rustic charm. This color combo works for everyone!

      Gold and Blush wedding

      Gold colorado wedding


      Big statement pieces and living green walls/ flower walls

      Every brides wants a wedding wow and big statement pieces and living green walls will be an amazing wow in 2015. Weather that be an entrance piece on your place card table or a living green wall behind the head table. This trend is sure to make your 2015 memorable!

      Wishing Treet

      Flower Wall

      Craft Beer

      Living in Colorado, known as the craft been capital of the country, we are so excited to see this trend incorporated next year. Craft beer is a great way to elevate your wedding while exposing your guests to some of the couple’s favorite beers. This trend is not just having craft beer, but pairing it with unexpected food. Think wheat beer paired with your favorite dessert, or a hoppy IPA paired with miniature appetizers!

       craft beer wedding colorado craft beer paired with wedding cake

      Colorado Craft Beer Wedding

      Colorado craft beer wedding

        There are so many fun ways to bring these trend to life and we can’t wait to incorporate them into our clients weddings next year!