We saw a small preview of this in 2013, but pale pinks and golds are expected to make even more appearances in 2014 wedding trends! Brides love the soft, delicate shades of pink that add elegance and romance to the wedding. From blush pinks to subtle peaches, we love the varying shades to choose from. Blushing brides are also loving metallics! Gold and silver add glamour and elegance to any occasion and can be implemented in so many ways. Subtle silver or gold bridesmaids dresses are hitting the stores this year. You can also accent your dress with metallic shoes and décor. Having a white wedding accented with metallics adds class and elegance to your big day. Better yet, combine blush with gold for a romantic color scheme.

       Gold Wedding Decor


      Say good-bye to rustic weddings and hello to formal! Think waiters with white gloves and gold-rimmed china. Traditional, formal weddings are back and more popular than ever. Brides are becoming more and more aware of classy food choices and are opting for a 5-star food standard at their weddings To go even further with the formality, hire a live band to play at your reception instead of a DJ.

      Formal Wedding Decor


      Wedding invitations are also getting a makeover this year. Instead of being big and bold, invites are becoming small, delicate keepsakes. The trend this year will be moving towards custom freestyle sketches on paper. These sketches are done by artists all over the country and can be made exactly to your specifications. Opt for a sketch that hints at a wedding theme or maybe even one that represents you and your fiance.

      Custom Wedding Invitation


      Ready to hear the flower trend of the year? Peonies! These soft, romantic flowers are making a big appearance in 2014 and can be used in nearly every aspect of the wedding. They look great in a big bouquet or even on their own in simple vases. These fluffy and full flowers come in a range of colors to suit your wedding perfectly. Their voluminous shape also adds texture and is sure to look fantastic with your dress!

      Wedding Peonies


      The trend in cakes this year is texture, texture, texture. Brides are opting for exquisite cakes that make a statement, whether it be with ruffled buttercream frosting or shaved coconut sprinkled on top. These textured sweets captivate the attention of the guests and show off your good taste! Nearly anything can be made out of sugar these days so try using fondant roses (or peonies!) and sugar pearls to add texture to your cake.

      Textured Wedding Cake


      Last but not least, a fun trend this year is photo booths! I know…photo booths are not necessarily new but they are becoming something entirely different. Traditionally, vintage photo booths at weddings are a great way to get photos of guests while having lots of fun. These photos in sepia are always lovely keepsakes to remember your day, however these photo booths are evolving entirely! Some brides are opting for a slow-motion photo booth. This camera takes a short, slow-motion video of the guests and can be put into a keepsake video for the bride and groom. There are even trampoline photo booths available if you want fun, comical photos of your friends and family. Speaking of comical, did you know there are even comic book sketch photo booths available now? Be creative and come up with your own ideas for your wedding photo booth!

      Photo Booth with Trampoline