Top Tips to Plan a Rustic Wedding

      Rustic weddings are all the rage right now!  Lucky for you, you are planning a beautiful Colorado wedding where simple elegant rustic weddings will never go out of style!  The optimity of a rustic wedding is simple elements with nature as the main focus.  What is more perfect then a wedding surrounded by magnificent mountains, huge trees or vast plains, and a whole lotta of family fun!

      Because rustic weddings incorporate lots of simple elements, it may seem like planning a rustic wedding  is a breeze.  But before you put on your wedding planning boots, check out these tips to help you plan a Colorado wedding your guests will never forget!


      What does rustic event mean!
      Rustic is an umbrella term that has taken on such a broad definitely and can mean so many different things.  It pays tribute to the great outdoors in a variety of ways, from a country or garden backdrop to a vintage style, farm or barn setting.  Today’s brides and grooms are taking the rustic flair and making it elegant, chic and reflective of their personal style.

      Finding the venue that fits
      Rustic weddings can take on so many shapes. You can plan a rustic wedding in the mountains or at a vineyard, but also at a family home.  Rustic weddings can be at a national park, grand historic resorts or other traditional wedding venues.

      Are there essential rustic wedding details?
      There are no concrete rules about what should or should not be included in a rustic wedding, its all up to your vision.  To bring rustic style into the wedding day, you could include earthy and natural elements that reflect the wedding’s location.  You can also incorporate items such as pine cones, pumpkins, tea lights hanging from fences, lanterns filled with seasonal flowers, an antique cart filled with fall fruit, and mismatched vases. Personal wedding favors like local honey or jam are all great ways to rustically thank your guests for coming.


      Get creative with your décor and personalize your wedding.
      Collect a lot of pictures, either on Pinterest or from  magazines, and then pull out the pictures that don’t belong.  As you collect more and more images for your inspiration board, you might start to notice that a style or particular era is appearing. Perhaps you’re drawn to rustic glamor weddings or DIY, crafty weddings that use a lot of eclectic décor pieces. Looking over the images you’ve collected will tell you a lot about how you want your wedding to look.

      Narrow down your vision and then add your own unique spin. For barn weddings start with the table linens, which are a great way to bring color, texture or pattern – then add your tableware.  You can go simple with mason jar glasses or add some flavor with rattan chargers.  Then, add flowers to for visual interest. Bringing in vintage farmhouse furniture and accessories are a great way to add a personal feel to the bar, escort card area and cake table.

      Make your indoor wedding reception look and feel rustic.
      A rustic wedding lends itself to both outdoor and indoor receptions. One of the best ways to make an indoor ceremony or reception rustic is to bring nature indoors. Think farm tables, birch bark, leaves and greenery—and when you mix them with burlap tablecloths you get an instant rustic feeling. With a little imagination, some of the most traditional locations can be turned into perfect rustic wedding spaces!

      Choose your wedding colors
      The basic principle of choosing colors is to find two focal colors plus one neutral to ‘ground’ the look.such as white, cream, latte, nude.  Look at the tone of the focal colors, are they gray based, brights, pastels, or toned down colors?

      Don’t Forget about light!
      For rustic events– use clusters of lanterns to provide light in dark corners.  For a shabby chic look– mix candles with chandeliers hanging from the rafters. Amber uplighting will give the whole room a warm glow and highlight the texture in wooden plank walls. Use luminaries or candles in large mason jars for stylish look. Consider adding battery power LED lights to signs.


      What should couples keep in mind when planning an outdoor wedding with a rustic feel?

      Do a site walk through with your wedding planner before booking any other vendors.

      You want to discuss the property layout and locations for the major areas such as ceremony, reception, parking, staging for rentals and catering set up. Note the locations of water and electrical access, if any.

      Use the natural beauty of the location by letting your wedding décor complement that beauty instead of fighting it. Many times I see couples who want to add so much to a wedding venue when they should be taking cues from the surroundings and letting the area dictate details such as the wedding’s date, colors and attire.

      Mistakes to avoid!

      Control the décor monster
      With vintage weddings in particular, it is very easy to try to bring in everything you love and every decor idea you have seen over the months. That is a sure-fire way to end up with a confused and over-dressed wedding. Too much ‘stuff’ will make you guests feel lost in the wedding and they wont be able to fully relax and enjoy the day. If there are too many signs and chalkboards with instructions and messages, too much decor and overwhelming tablescapes it can feel claustrophobic. Create your inspiration board, choose your color palette and identify your look and feel.


      Don’t overthink it!
      There is a difference between planning and then over-thinking, second-guessing and driving yourself crazy! Each time you re-visit a decision you’ve made or decor you’ve chosen, remember this. There will always be other choices you could have made. There is no one right choice. Some choices are more appropriate than others but on the whole have faith in your decisions and don’t be forever thinking ‘what if’.

      Take care of you
      Now there is no denying that planning your wedding is so much fun but can be oh so stressful. And, by the way, give yourself a break here. How often do you plan such a huge life event and invite all of your friends and family. Don’t let the wedding suddenly take over your life and your relationship. Plan to have a wedding-free day at the very least once a week where you and your fiancé don’t discuss the wedding at all and you spend time together doing something you love. It’s also good to set aside some wedding- free time with your family and friends when the subject is banned and you purely concentrate on catching up.

      If you are interested in learning more about how Pink Diamond Events can help you plan the perfect rustic Colorado wedding, check out our services page!