Top Tips to Balance your Busy Life while Planning your Wedding

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      You’re a professional woman or man. Your plate is already full with your career accelerating, your personal life teeming and non-stop day-to-day activities. Add wedding planning to the mix? That’s when life can go from satisfyingly ‘full’ to ‘uber-chaotic’ It can definitely be a challenge to balance your busy life, whether that be focusing on your career, school, or family, while planning your wedding, but these tips will help you handle it all while still being able to enjoy your engagement and leave you some free time for fun!


      Give yourself time

      While you can plan a wedding in 4 months, if you have a lot going on every day, or you want to be able to enjoy your weekends rather than have them filled with wedding planning meetings, give yourself plenty of time to plan your wedding. Lots of time will reduce your stress and allow you to schedule meetings when it is convenient and you have the time.

      Set time aside to plan your wedding

      Rather then sprinkle planning in though out the day, schedule an entire weekend to knock some of those to-do’s off the list.  Multi-tasking is great, but you will actually accomplish more if you spend an entire weekend meeting with vendors and tackling your checklist while you are in “wedding planning mode”.  You will also be able to make decisions more quickly since you will be immersed in planning your wedding for an entire day.

      Get organized

      Whether you create a binder or an accordion folder, keep all your wedding planning items in 1 location for easy reference and to avoid misplacing important contracts and paperwork.

      You will also want to organize your vendor meetings based on your priorities. Venues, wedding planners, musicians and photographers can only book one wedding a day, so meeting with them early to make sure your top choices are available.  Florist and cake vendors can schedule more than 1 wedding per day, so you can meet with them later in the process.

      Use technology to your advantage

      Set up an email that is solely for your wedding planning tasks and anything that relates to your big day! You will have all pertinent information at one account, easily accessible and already sorted out from the rest of your email!

      Use Pinterest to store wedding inspiration and ideas- you can even make your boards private, or share them only with your vendors or bridesmaids, as necessary. This is a great resource that you can pull up quickly and efficiently when trying to describe your wedding day vision to vendors, or when trying to make stylistic selections.

      Planning a wedding

      Make sure to take care of yourself

      Spend some time with your friends and Fiancé talking about other things the wedding planning.  Stress will take over if wedding planning is all you sleep, eat and breathe.

      Get professional help

      Before you get to your maxed stressed out point, look into hiring a wedding planner. I thought about leaving this one out because it sounds self-serving, but in actuality, a wedding planner will save your time (and your sanity)! Your planner is going to help you make the most of the limited time you have to allocate to interviews with vendors, and the planner will make recommendations and have resources beyond what is available to you. She will even help you set up appointments, so you can actually focus on your career

      Most planners offer complimentary consultation, which can prove to be very beneficial in getting a handle on wedding costs, timelines, etc. Some even offer affordable jump start programs which get you on the right track and even accelerate the planning process.

      Need a little extra help in balancing your life and wedding planning?

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