These days it almost seems like a wedding website is mandatory. They are great way to share wedding information and have your guests get to know you and your relationship before the wedding. Plus, some are super cute! But that doesn’t mean that you should expect anyone to use it.

      Your great-aunt Nancy, your grandparents, and your non-tech-savvy future in-laws are most likely going to ignore that URL that you worked so hard to balance perfectly on your save the dates. And then they will without fail ask you questions that you will politely answer even though what you really want to do is shriek, “It’s all on our wedding website!” while pulling out your hair and wondering why you spent all of that time on a website that no one knows exists.

      Most people will use your wedding website if they know about it. When guests asked me a question, I politely answered and let them know that a lot of wedding information was on our wedding website and they could find the website address on our save the dates in case they had any other questions. Have your fiance, parents, future-in-laws, and bridesmaids do the same. Don’t rely on your save the date alone to direct people to your website. You’ll most likely have to promote via word-of-mouth as well.

      Once people knew about our website, they loved it. My husband’s uncle printed out the list of restaurants that we suggested people try and ate at as many of them as he could fit into his stay in town. I call that a success!

      Things to include on your wedding website:

      • Welcome note – be sure to thank people for their support.
      • Story of how you met – remember that your grandparents will be reading this, so if your story includes any scandalous details, it’s okay to edit out anything you wouldn’t mention at a family dinner.
      • Engagement story – get people ready for all of the “Awww” moments on your wedding day.
      • Brief description of the bride and groom – some people coming to your wedding will only know the bride or the groom and would like some background information on the person you’ll be marrying.
      • Introduction of your wedding party – time to brag about your besties.
      • Ceremony and reception details – time, location, directions, dress code, etc.
      • Reception music request – guaranteed to get people dancing when their favorite song comes on.
      • Travel information – Airports, car rentals, etc. For us Colorado brides, also make sure people know how to deal with the altitude if you have guests coming from out of state.
      • Accommodations – information for any hotel room blocks.
      • Local activities – tell people where you like to eat and what you like to do in the area.
      • Weather – your relatives from Florida might not realize that it gets chilly on summer evenings in Colorado.
      • Registry – link directly to your online registries.
      • Honeymoon – let people know where you’ll be going.
      • Guest book – gives your guests a chance to write you a quick note letting you know how awesome your website is and how much they are looking forward to the celebration.
      • Contact us – gives people a chance to ask questions if they don’t see the information they are looking for.

      And be sure to include lots of pictures!

      Megan McDaniel is a recent Pink Diamond bride. Each month in her guest posts, she shares a few tips that she picked up while planning her wedding.