I was deliriously happy on my wedding day. At the end of the night when my new husband and I drove away from our reception in a town car that our wedding party had filled with balloons and I finally started to feel my feet hurt, I thought that the night had gone perfectly. Everything had come together and there was nothing that I would have changed.

      But after coming down from my wedding day high, a few things about the day started to seem like they could have been better. I’ve since developed a list of my wedding regrets. I’ll preface this list by saying that most of these “regrets” are pretty ridiculous and in all actuality did not take away from my fond wedding day memories.

      The beautiful shoes I wish I had worn during pictures.
      The beautiful BHLDN shoes I wish I had worn during pictures.

      1. Wearing Flip Flops for Pictures – My feet probably thank me for this decision, but my pictures do not. We did our first look on the steps in front of the church and then planned to walk about a block to a park for pictures. I couldn’t bring myself to put on my beautiful wedding shoes that I knew were uncomfortable and start the day out already wanting to take them off. So after spending hours on my hair and makeup, getting dressed, and donning on all of my meticulously-planned-out accessories, I slipped back into the pink flip flops that I had been wearing all day (yes, I wear flip flops in November). Hey, I thought, you won’t be able to see them under my dress anyway. That would have been true if I hadn’t asked our photographer to take “action” shots of the wedding party walking to the park. We have a ton of great shots of the group walking down the street to do pictures and all I can see in them are my big Fred Flintstone feet peeking out from under my dress. And in pictures I am the same height as my shorter younger sister since she was wearing her 4-inch heels. Oh well, at least managed to put them on for the ceremony – and then immediately changed into my much more comfortable and also meticulously-planned-out reception flats.

      2. Chair Ties – Having drinks a few months back with friend who also recently got married I told her with complete seriousness that my biggest wedding day regret was having chair ties. She immediately started laughing and then said, “Oh, you’re serious.” Yeah, kinda. The chairs at our reception venue weren’t awful, but they did have a small black logo on the backrest that I was determined to cover. I didn’t like the look (or price tag) of chair covers so a chair tie covering the logo seemed like the perfect solution. I’m sure all of the offending logos were properly hidden when the room was initially setup, but as soon as anyone sat down the chair ties started sliding around. I remember looking around the room halfway through the reception and noticing all of the chair ties sagging around the seat of the chairs as the ugly black chair logos laughed at the $1.50 a piece that I wasted trying to hide them.

      3. Mommy Moment – The one serious regret that I have is not taking a moment with my mom before the ceremony began. My bridesmaids and I were hiding away in a room at the front of the church waiting for the ceremony to begin and I remember my mom coming in and out several times and then suddenly all of the guest had arrived and the bridal party started lining up for the processional. I wish that I had thought to call my mom into the room and give her a hug and thank her for everything before the ceremony began. I also wish that I would have stopped and given her a quick hug as my dad was walking me down the aisle. It might not be sentimental to plan these moments, but I wish I would have so that they would have happened and I would have those brief memories with my mom. That said, I’m glad that I do have a few other special spontaneous memories with her throughout the day.

      Overall, these regrets can’t change the delirious happiness that dominates my wedding day memories. Fred Flintstone feet and all, at the end of the day I was married to my true love and no amount of chair ties could ruin that.

      Megan McDaniel is a recent Pink Diamond bride. Each month in her guest posts, she shares a few tips that she picked up while planning her wedding.